May 2, 2008 Carole Levy

About Love

Click on image to enlarge. Carole Levy's drawing - Blog #15 Poly-amoursCarole Levy's drawing - Blog #15 Poly-amoursCarole Levy's drawing - Blog #15 Poly-amours

PS:You may have noticed that the sequence “About Love” is quite difficult to read. It’s very small. You have to click at least twice to enlarge the image, which is disruptive and bothering for people like us, very busy and used to fluent rhythms… I have to admit that I was late, in the rush, and a little bit in my proving mode that I’ve done it once by myself, so no reason to not do it twice. Therefore , this time, I didn’t wait for Noah’s guidance (my indispensable creative partner), which reminds me that actually, the previous time, I didn’t do it that by myself… NOW, did I unconsciously make this sequence hard to read because of its provocative contain that makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable? Who knows with our unconscious…
SO: sorry for this inconvenience and next time, I will be more humble and will stay in my learning mode. Thanks for keeping your compassion for Little Carotte!!

Comments (3)

  1. Ribs

    Provocative…perhaps. Just enough to raise a few of my little puritan hairs on my back. (Thank you!). What I appreciate, though, is that you speak to the truth underneath the social taboo (taboo for some, and others, not). Either way you slice it, multi-partners, one partner, or no partners…there you are in life, having to change your own darn tire!

  2. allison

    ha! very funny Carole–i love how calm and rational the husband is when his wife is ranting about becoming a polygamist. by the way, no matter how much i’ve been taught by my husband, i can’t change a tire or my car or my bike, yet.

  3. kim

    Ah, yes. It is becoming so painfully clear to me that NOTHING: no drug, no partner, no friend, no job, no career, no non-career identity, no coach, no guru, no spiritual teaching can really save me from myself. Hoping she hangs on to the wise spouse!

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