Bienvenue! I am Jean-Pierre, a senior executive coach, team facilitator, consultant, curriculum designer, culture change partner, co-founder of The Trust Factory with my wife Carole Lévy. I am also a founding member of Learning as Leadership (LAL). Teamwork and collaboration are the core values in my work and in my approach to life.

With more than 25 years of experience delivering leadership development materials, I help executives, leadership teams, and organizations foster trust and authentic collaboration to achieve their goals. I specialize in the nonprofit and academic sectors but also offer my services to public companies and governmental agencies.

My interest for social change and sustainability led me to co-develop a leadership program for change makers. I’m a faculty member, co-facilitator, and co-designer of the training at The Inner Activist, a Canadian leadership program committed to helping change makers become more effective leaders and address diversity issues in societies.

I value the challenge of being a father and taking care of our daughter. As a child, I was raised by a single mother, after spending many years in foster families. I deeply care about parenthood issues and social justice. I am passionate about creating a context where human beings don’t have to suffer because of social norms or biases.

Finally, I enjoy applying mindfulness and leadership presence to outdoors activities (ski and golf), including building houses for Habitat for Humanity.

I earned a master’s degree in education in 1988 from Université René Descartes. Before moving to the United States, I taught for more than a decade at Education Nationale in Paris and led numerous dialogue and teaming events for students and faculty.

My wife and I are originally from France. We live in Larkspur, California, with our daughter Anouk.


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