clara-21_retouched_bw_final_0“We couldn’t be happier with the results of our work with Carole and Jean-Pierre! Our team has grown in so many ways—discovering and removing internal obstacles to progress, embracing change, and learning to recognize when our own internal devils are in the way. For social sector organizations pursuing outsized goals, the work they do to foster collaboration and create a positive internal culture is mission critical.”

Clara Miller
Director and President of the Heron Foundation

mts-pic-2“My journey with Carole and Jean-Pierre started with a hint of skepticisms. I was comfortably anchored in my reality at that time. Carole and Jean-Pierre were phenomenal at helping me get past the doubt. They were patient, kind and honest, which helped me grow personally and professionally. They have done amazing work with my entire leadership team, and they have completely transformed the way we interact with each other. Carole and Jean-Pierre helped my team develop trust by helping us understand each other. As a result, we are able to get past the roadblocks that can prevent us from performing at optimal levels.”

Marquitta T. Speller, Ed.D
Executive Director for Secondary and Collegiate Programs – The Harlem Children’s Zone

“Carole and Jean-Pierre (the team behind The Trust Factory) transformed the way we work and helped us build a stronger culture of teamwork, collaboration and shared responsibility through the unique tools, advice and insights they bring. I know we can count on them [Carole and Jean-Pierre] to help me and my colleagues bring our best ‘authentic selves’ to our work by recognizing they ways our ingrained behaviors and beliefs often end up sabotaging us.”

Nancy Roob
CEO, The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, and CEO, Blue Meridian Partners

“Carole is a truly gifted coach who has had a profound impact on my professional and personal life. Her capacity to listen, help me see patterns and glean insights, and translate those into practical plans and experiments has been transformative. Carole’s coaching has always felt like a deep collaboration, reflected in her ongoing commitment to my learning and growth and her unique blend of caring, candor, and humor. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with her.”

Jeff Bradach
Managing Partner and Co-founder at The Bridgespan Group

paulette-lomonaco“Carole has an amazing understanding of human dynamics and organizational needs. Her insights, both professional and organizational, have been an enormous help to me as I lead an increasingly complex non-profit agency. I have recommended other senior staff to attend their course and to engage in coaching by Carole and Jean-Pierre. Their approach to coaching demands honest self-reflection and a willingness to change. They know how to build on the individual strengths of each person while also challenging the individual to grow.”

Sr. Paulette LoMonaco
Executive Director of Good Shepherd Services

“EMCF, and I, began to work with Jean-Pierre and Carole in 2007. Our senior team consisted of high a set of high performing individuals that were not working together as a team. Through our work together, we were able to identify areas of difficulty as well as appreciation, gain a better understanding of each other’s and, just as importantly, our own individual strengths and weaknesses, and find both common ground and a better way to communicate and support each other. We were so impressed with their group and individual coaching that we brought them into our organization to help us to share with our full staff their effective methods of gaining feedback, using it to improve ourselves, provide others with effective feedback, and learn to work better with our teams. Our organization, our senior team, my F&A team, and I have all benefitted greatly from their structured approach and personal connection.”

Ralph Stephano
Vice President, Chief Operating Officer at The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation


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