Bonjour! I am a senior executive coach, facilitator, consultant, culture-change partner, writer, mother, wife, and cartoonist. I bring all of these qualities—and a French accent—to the table when I work with leaders, teams, and organizations.

I co-founded The Trust Factory with my husband Jean-Pierre Guilhaume, and I’m also a founding member of Learning as Leadership (LAL). With more than 25 years of experience delivering leadership-development programs, I assist executives, leadership teams, and organizations to achieve their goals by fostering trust and authentic collaboration. I specialize in the nonprofit and academic sectors but also offer my services to public companies and governmental agencies. In September of 2001, I moved from Paris to join the Learning as Leadership team in San Francisco and engage with corporate America. While working with for-profit organizations, I reconnected with my youthful enthusiasm for social justice and began to specialize in nonprofit organizations.

My interest in the gender reflection led me to facilitate leadership programs with academics and executive women. I am a faculty member and co-facilitator of the Women’s Leadership Development Program for Encore Capital Group, a program developed with Robin Ely, professor and senior associate dean for Culture and Community at Harvard Business School, and Deborah Kolb, author of Everyday Negotiation and Her Place at the Table.

Writing and drawing are powerful tools I use to activate my creativity, explore and express the humorous and poignant nuances of the human psyche, and share my thoughts with others. I bring these tools together in my blog as well as in my latest book, The Bumpy Road to Collaboration, an illustrated and humorous look at the difficulty of being a collaborative team member when our ego’s hot buttons are triggered.

Fulfilling my passion by learning to work with others has taken me on my own bumpy road in life. After completing a master’s degree in classical literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, I needed to discover what I was most passionate about. I knew that I wanted to contribute to society and help to alter narrow mind frames.

My passion is to help my clients fulfill their potential. With an open heart and a lighthearted mind, I hope to inspire you on your path as a thought leader.


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