February 13, 2017 Carole Levy

Couple Communication

Communication is essential in relationships. However, sometimes to keep our heart open, we need to keep our mouth shut!

At work, you can’t necessarily stop a conversation and welcome your colleagues into your arms when you slide into a poor communication pattern. You can, however, show respect in a moment of tension, stay silent, regroup, and possibly come back to re-establish more effective dialogue and connection… I know, it might just be easier to hug your colleagues!

The point is: in order to maintain the delicate equilibrium of connection in relationships, sometimes we need to find the courage to speak up, but sometimes we need to find the courage to shut up and practice tenderness and compassion!

Happy Valentine Day!

Reflective question: In your relationships, to keep your heart open, do you need to find more courage to speak up? Or more courage to shut up ?

Comments (7)

  1. Jeff

    Wonderful words and vignette, Carole: “…we need to find the courage to shut up and practice tenderness and compassion!” Words to live by!

  2. Anne

    C’est bon de se rappeler les bonnes choses essentielles à nos vies …..
    Merci Carole ?

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