November 5, 2019 Carole Levy

Introduction – Stories of failure, part 1

Stories of failures are often hidden stories. Either we have rationalized them so that they don’t feel and look that bad, or we have buried them so far in our psyche, it’s as if they have disappeared. 

Though we can metaphorically run away from failing, we often can’t run away from the internal stigma around unprocessed failures.

The fear of failing makes us averse to mistakes, defended against feedback and limited in our capacity to learn despite our best intentions. 

As leaders, if we truly want to foster learning organizations and close the gap between our 
“espoused theories” and “theories-in-use”, we have to re-evaluate our approach to success and failure.  

Entering the Holiday season and the winter, I invite you to revisit your stories of failures, shine a compassionate light on them, and break them down into little pieces to capture their lessons and diffuse their undermining power. 

I offer my own first personal story of failure… (click here)

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