April 7, 2020 Carole Levy

Ten Expert Tips for Resilience + Mine

Like a lot of people in the field of leadership and personal development, Jean-Pierre and I are trying to leverage all our knowledge, experience and practices to adapt to the current cataclysm caused by the Coronavirus crisis – in order to support our clients and ourselves.

While looking through his old pile of magazines over the weekend, Jean-Pierre found a 2019 Special Time Edition about The Science of Happiness with a whole chapter on Bouncing Back and a detailed presentation on Resilience. 

Resilience is an important aspect of Adaptability. Today, more than ever, it is a skill to reflect upon and develop.

I like Rick Hanson’s definition (Link) of Resilience: The ability to cope with adversity and push through challenges in the pursuit of opportunities. 

There are many ways to explore and develop our resilience. The magazine saved by Jean-Pierre provides a pertinent list of Ten Expert Tips for Resilience

  • 1- Develop a core set of beliefs that nothing can shake
  • 2-Try to find meaning in whatever stressful or traumatic thing has happened
  • 3- Try to maintain a positive outlook
  • 4- Take cues from someone who is especially resilient
  • 5- Don’t run from things that scare you: face them
  • 6- Be quick to reach out for support when things go haywire
  • 7- Learn new things as often as you can
  • 8- Find an exercise regimen you’ll stick to
  • 9- Don’t beat yourself up or dwell on the past
  • 10- Recognize what makes you uniquely strong – and own it

Each one of these points deserves a comprehensive exploration. I wanted to dive into the first one: Develop a core set of beliefs that nothing can shake

The best time to test if we have unshakable beliefs for resilience is when we are inclined to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, anxious or afraid. Meaning now.

So, I came up with three beliefs. They are not perfectly unshakable, but essential enough that I seem to always go back to them, no matter what.

  1. Show up even if I don’t feel like it – Personally and professionally, it’s about my commitment to my goals and purpose, especially when I feel overwhelmed, discouraged, anxious, or afraid.  
  2. Keep connection, no matter what It’s a hard one. When I’m overwhelmed, discouraged, anxious, or afraid, I can withdraw, shut down or hide. I can also be mean. But at my core, I want connection. So, I usually put my ego in my pocket and find ways to reconnect… and be kind
  3. Find rhythm. Via discipline, rituals, routines – or via music, dance, spirituality, and even meals, I find rhythms that create certainty and get me, and others, grounded.

Reflection: What is your set of core beliefs that nothing can shake? What are your pillars for resilience? 

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  1. Tamara Patterson Trussell

    Carole, I’m copying your core beliefs because they fit me too. Thank you for this insight and encouragement. TT

    • Carole Levy

      Thank you Laura! We hope everything is alright for you and your family too!

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