January 9, 2017 Carole Levy

The Switch to 2017

Resetting our intentions for the new year is an important practice to strengthen the muscle of what we want, and be ready for those inevitable times when we are derailed by our mind chatter.

The beauty of defining New Year intentions is that it is usually a genuine moment in which we are mind-chatter-free, present, clear, open and eager. We will be tested for sure, but we will have the choice to remember how we felt at the time of our commitment and give more power to our intentions than to our doubts.

Among all my new intentions for the year, I decided in 2017 to give voice again to my Owls – my Chouettes- as we say in an unpronounceable French. The Chouettes are authentic, flawed, touching, silly, wise, free, and much more. I hope you will like them as much as I do!

(For the pronunciation, here is a hint: “chouette” rimes with “wet”, but in French, there is a double-meaning with “great”. It’s a cute word.)

Reflective question: Have you taken intentions for the New Year? What would typically highjack your commitments? What mind chatter?



Comments (6)

  1. mao

    Your “chouettes” always give us a lot to “chew-wet” kind of timely activity given our weather here. Happy new year

  2. Ian Curtin

    Me too. I think one comes and visits Anna and I and sits on the tree just outside our bedroom window.

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