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  1. Anonymous

    I think the guy is right! I support is claim and I believe he has the right approach. I keep telling the same to my wife…

  2. Mao

    May be we should fin a MD specialist like a Brain Electro Genecist to give us a presentation about all of that at our next workshop. It looks promising!

  3. Carole Levy

    Well… Noah is the MD specialist that put together the theory, but based on real science and research!

  4. joe

    Hey Carole…more like this…you are on a good track…keep it coming…more like this!

  5. Sharon

    Dearest Carole–

    I am loving it! Education, staying interested… that is the key. Does that mean we educators get a raise to capture all the discretionary income which will be freed up from people abandoning their purchases of anti-aging this-and-that?


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