February 3, 2015 Carole Levy

7- Being apologetic versus confident (10 unproductive ways to ask for help)


Day 7.  I’m so so so sorry to continue bothering you with my series about improving communication with 10 unproductive ways to ask for help… Today is about being apologetic – a radical shift from being demanding (Day 6 if you missed it).

Enjoy Cartoon 7!


Reflecting on this cartoon, choose a situation in which you could be either apologetic or confident when asking for help. Notice the differences, and if you’d like, share them with me.



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  1. I know I don’t have much to say and I am sorry to take up this space in your blog and the time it would take to read this when you probably are busy with you next cartoon and I can imagine there are way more relevant comments than mine, but I just wanted to say I can relate! Hope this isn’t irrelevant or distracting, or even somewhat too long as I can go on when I feel deeply about something….

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