February 4, 2015 Carole Levy

8- Being manipulative versus direct (10 unproductive ways to ask for help)


I’m almost embarrassed to present Day 8: it’s much more comfortable to admit being apologetic (Day 7 if you missed it) than manipulative. However who has never taken advantage of the power of making the other one feel guilty? I certainly did.

Enjoy Cartoon 8!


Reflecting on this cartoon, choose a situation in which you could be either manipulative or direct when asking for help. Notice the differences, and if you’d like, share them with me.


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  1. Manipulative…Me? I don’t have a manipulative bone in my body. I only speak the truth and sometimes pointing out to the other person how little they have helped me when I have done so much for them… Oh, now I see what you mean. Hmmm! My internal martyr seems to be a little out of control. Let me get back to you on this.

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