June 5, 2017 Carole Levy


It has happened to all of us: Judging somebody without knowing exactly what was going on for the other one and then being wrong. We get caught in our own arrogance! Suspending judgment is the best way to keep misguided judgments in check, and to stay humble.

Our ability to suspend our judgments is key to having delicate conversations, giving feedback, developing emotional intelligence and collaboration. In short, it is an important tool for being an effective leader in the 21st century.

So, since June is often a month of mid-year review, let’s take stock of our ability to suspend our judgments and enter into the summer with our best selves! Here are a few questions:

Since January:

  • Who have you judged with no intention to suspend your judgments?
  • Who have you judged but were able to find a crack in your cemented opinions?
  • Who have you judged but were mistaken by appearances and experienced being in touch with your own arrogance?
  • Who has judged you (including yourself)?












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  1. Laura

    I am both more aware and sensitive as the years go by to the judgements of others and my own towards others. What helps me most these days is the reminder that I don’t have to pick up the judgement. It can just rest in awareness and be seen for what it is. That way it has less steam to turn into a pinch that requires sorting. Simply: Oh…just this, recognizing the sting with a spacious and open heart.

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