March 2, 2014 Carole Levy

Being Relevant

Being-or-not-being-relevantThoughts from Carole

For the Learning as Leadership alumni, we’ve just completed an amazing Personal Mastery Winter workshop. However, I am saddened by the loss of Ernie McNally who attended the same workshop 3 years ago with his wife Cathy. He was a loving human being with a big heart and a deep spirit. He was  a faculty member at the Haven Institute and the Inner Activist, an organization my husband Jean-Pierre is involved in. He was an artist and a musician. With his brother, they’ve written a wonderful song for my 46 birthday. I wish Ernie Peace and Light.

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  1. Jackie larkin

    Thanks for this posting about Ernie, Carole. It took me back to our first days together, embarking on our wild cap Inner Activist adventure. Ernie was a soul that vibrated with love and possibility…the best that humans are capable of (no ego focus implied). I will always remember the precious, vulnerable moments with Ernie (and Cathy and JP and you, and many others) at LaL
    Even in his dying he was a healer. Big missing him…
    Love to you, Jackie

    • Thanks Jackie for your thoughts. They also bring me back to these very special moments, when we met In Victoria and then in Sausalito… I wish I could be with you next week, in Gabriola. It’s going to be a special seminar.

  2. Hi Carole, Thanks for your thoughts for our friend. I know he really enjoyed his time with you folks and was enlivened by the contributions Jean Pierre continues to offer in our faculty meetings.

    We are all saddened by the news that our friend and colleague, Ernie McNally passed on the weekend after struggling with cancer for over a year. He and Cathy were very generous throughout, sharing their experience of this challenging time in their life. Their unwavering courage, spirit and sense of community was encapsulated in the phrase “we got this”. We all learned from the depth of loving they shared as they gracefully moved through this journey.

    The outpouring of loving support from so many people is a testament to the loving kindness that flowed through Ernie and Cathy. Words cannot fully convey our loss. We wish our friend safe passage on his journey home and continued loving support for Cathy.

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