March 18, 2014 Carole Levy

Consciousness and Gender Stuff


Thoughts from Carole

1- Yes, women are still an easy target for violence and oppression all over the world.

2- Even in a safe environment, we can feel oppressed, but let’s not confuse real oppression and Ego-oppression.

3- Creating emotional safety in our relationships requires a conscious and daily intention.

4- It’s not uncommon to slide from being oppressed to becoming the oppressor.

5- It’s not uncommon to indulge in inertia – and TV- when we feel oppressed.

6- Who doesn’t want to be a great role-model for their children? Yet, it is less about what we do, than about the space in which we do it

7- Speaking about Consciousness and Gender stuff, I’ve been accepted to present on “Transformation of Organizational Gender Bias Starts with the Female Leader” at the Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium in England. This is a great opportunity that allows me to bridge my exploration of the Ego with the Gender reflection and Organizational issues.

I’d love to hear what this sequence evokes for you. Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. This was excellent Carole! It is great to be excited about the ways in which we find inspiration and learning AND we have to be OK to allow our partners their space to fill up however they want it. Kurt sometimes needs to go out with the boys and get crazy! Great for him. I love my dance and women’s circles….great for me! It is each of us supporting and allowing for our own time that makes us appreciate each other and respect each other. (I do not think that Kurt would like Sweat Your Prayers but we sure do!!!!!)

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