February 2, 2014 Carole Levy

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Thoughts from Carole about Eco-systems and Ego-systems

To read more about the scientific consensus around climate change and global warming, visit the NASA website.

I believe strongly that the imbalance of our eco-system is a consequence of our collective human “ego-systems,” and that if we work on the latter, we can affect the former. It’s a passion of mine to understand the machinery of our  “ego-systems.” The Bumpy Road to Collaboration is a humorous introduction to the subject. I’ve also been working on an Ego Hot Button Manifesto to deepen my exploration. It’s not ready yet. It was supposed to be a simple blog but it’s becoming an enormous labor, for two reasons:

1)   I want to do something SO insightful-deep-special-funny-and-admirable (the unconscious goal of my ego), that I write and rewrite, become didactic, lose track of my goal, edit, find it sublime, worthless, sublime, worthless, go shopping, envision getting my PhD, feel powerless, rewrite, etc.

2)    I want to write something irreproachable so that you won’t judge me as a useless fraud (3 fears of my ego: being judged, being useless, being a fraud = 3 hot buttons), which will be the proof that I’m worth less than anybody else on earth (= my core ego’s hot button).

Well that sounds a good summary of my manifesto. However, stay tuned. I’m committed to break through my ego-limitations. So you’ll read something one day. Meanwhile, I encourage you to play with the workbook of The Bumpy Road to Collaboration. You can download it for free on my website. It’s better to have read the book first, but the process is clear and you can start your own reflections to identify your points of sensitivity (= ego’s hot buttons).

For a deeper -and more expansive- exploration, visit Learning as Leadership’s website. The next Personal Mastery is full but we have another one in July 2014.

Finally, thank you for my collaborative team for today’s sequence: Laura for the title and Tamara for the edits.

Have a great week!

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  1. Mike

    Hi Caro, thanks for this one. I find it very helpfull and educational when you link your funny cartoon with websites (NASA one in this case) that allow us to go further and explore a topic more deeply. A good way to introduce a complex concept. Thanks.

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