February 28, 2013 Carole Levy

Filter of Lack, Filter of Luck


Today, I reconnected with two powerful images of my childhood:

1) An image from my light child, joyful, animated, enthusiastic, spontaneous and grateful.


2) An image from my dark child, alone, afraid, disappointed and in scarcity.


filter of lack-child

I’m a sophisticated French Parisian, so I’m cool and stylish. Still, I approach life with a filter of lack.

filter of lack

Today, I’m grateful that I reconnected with my filter of luck, my filter of appreciation. It’s in me. I had just forgotten.

filter of luck

Nothing can prevent me to choose luck over lack in my daily life, except habit and… Hot Buttons!

I’m definitively not done with the subject…

the 7 hot buttons

Comments (9)

  1. Gauthier

    I had a dream.. We have everytime dreams like that . That’s a realistic point of view!

  2. Gauthier

    I had a dream… We have such dreams everytime.
    That’s a realistic point of view.

  3. Tamara

    I had dreams….to have more….I tried to live those dreams; it was crushing; I lived in the Land of Lack far too long….now, gratitude for who I have in my life…I’ve learned it is the who, not the what, that gives me a full heart. No more Land of Lack! Thank you again Carole for your pinpoint precision on our propensity for fear instead of joy and love and gratitude. You are a gift to those of us who know you and, even if I didn’t know you, I’d find the gifts in what you share.

    • Carole Levy

      You reminded my that I managed an optical shop for a few years… and we did lots of your glasses!

  4. Once again, so very right on the money, Carole. Beautiful.

    I too am very much in the process of understanding these two states of mind in my day to day. I experience the state of luck you describe as what is, what remains when i’ve either silenced or survived my state of lack. its what is beyond and before all the “mayonnaise” as you French say. I experience the state of lack like a pop up doll that can appear without warning almost. in its most acute, there is an addictive energy to it, by that i mean i am terrified to let it go, as strange as that sounds. this is where my work is.

    • Carole Levy

      Yes, I get the addictive energy to the state of lack. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the image of “I can’t have what I want glasses” vs. “life is abundant”
    Magnifique Carole!

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