October 11, 2017 Carole Levy

Free worm, free will

Inherent in the human species, is the natural inclination to follow our protective and selfish instincts.

But the beauty of the human species is also our aptitude for manifesting empathy and generosity. However, it takes more effort to share, than to not share.

The window of generosity is a quick opening so it’s easy to miss, 1- because we are not used to it, and 2- because we can be too preoccupied in defending our principles, especially our principle of free will, as if our choice was a matter of life or death.

I’m not saying that free will isn’t important. I’ve fiercely defended my free will in situations in which I felt that caring and generosity were imposed on me, and I wasn’t given a choice. But sometimes, I simply behaved like a stubborn child resisting her parents’ authority and common sense.

What I’m saying is that, while arguing over our variations of principles or playing out our defensive family dynamics, life’s offerings go by, and damages occur.


Reflective question: When do your principles get in the way of you enjoying life’s offerings? 





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