March 27, 2017 Carole Levy

Good Bye to Nature

Ecosystems are in danger. It’s been a reality for decades. It is essential to continue advocating for elephants, lions, tigers, chimpanzees, fish, bees, coral, bio-diversity of trees, seeds and flowers. My moral barometer about “Caring for Nature” is very high. Although it is easy to feel discouraged, it is important to keep our vigilance alive.

Catastrophism isn’t caring. It’s a trick of the mind that keeps us in a perpetual negative pattern. It becomes an addiction and threatens our overall well-being.

So, it is important to say Good Bye to Catastrophism!

Reflective questions: Do you relate to catastrophism? Do you relate to worrying too much? Are either an issue in your life?



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  1. Gauthier

    Dear and pretty owl,
    Do not forget also to advocate for the human species.
    Pierre from Die.

  2. Tamara Trussell

    Indeed, we are all part of the ecosystem. People are the only ones who have the power to change the condition we’ve brought it to become — i.e., quit using products that have lots of packaging, pick up garbage, contribute to helping keep wetlands alive so the water we pollute can be filtered before it enters creeks, streams, rivers and the ocean, eat foods you grow or those grown that do not kill the soil and various tiers of the ecosystem, contribute your time or resources to the Marine Mammal Center by feeding the seals, making the food….there is no end to how WE can make the changes.

    We can also advocate for science that points out the solutions and failings of our contribution to the current state. Bring your family and friends to the March for Science on Saturday, April 22 — EARTH DAY — in San Francisco where there will be numerous speakers to showcase how we can be the change for better. Please consider attending; bring your friends, children, family, neighbors….try to take public transportation to avoid gridlock. The link is posted below. I hope I see you there! Thank you Carole for sharing how so many feel…TT

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