January 16, 2022 Carole Levy

Happy New Year 2022!

Another year has passed in which we learned to live with uncertainty and rapid change, leaving us a bit astonished and tired, but perhaps more resilient and ready for 2022.

At the Trust Factory, we’ve been relentlessly adjusting our approach to leadership development and culture-shaping, following our clients’ needs with what has heart and meaning.  We experienced our moments of stress, overwhelm and bloody-first time frustration, but overall, we have appreciated a creative and fun year of partnerships with clients and consultants with whom we blended our expertise – a must-keep in 2022!

More than ever, our mission is to inspire leaders and teams from mission-driven organizations to foster a learning environment where everyone is eager to work on themselves, reach their next level of development and leadership, and build a culture of trust.

Three services have emerged in 2020-2021 that we want to consolidate in 2022:

  1. Conscious Relationships Lab.: We’ve held space with various organizations for regular meetings where team members (preferably no more than 12 people) step back from their professional routine, to connect at a deeper and more personal level with one another, explore organizational questions and leadership tools in order to develop their personal and team mastery. In an era of virtual collaboration where it’s more difficult to develop a sense of cohesion and belonging, it’s been a promising culture-shaping practice.
  • Executive Coaching Next Level: In our current context, a lot of leaders are questioning their place in the world and thinking about how to transition to what’s most appropriate and generative, either inside their organization or outside. It’s a scary process to break through our zones of comfort and limiting patterns. This past year, we’ve accompanied many leaders, ready for change on their fruitful journeys with customized coaching programs. It is enormously satisfying and continues to be the foundation of our work. 
  • 360 Feedback Survey within your Team: We are fans of 360 Feedback surveys, not because we like delving into yourdeficiencies, but because we think that with the support of coaching conversations, it’s an efficient developmental tool. When individual feedback conversations are extended to team conversations, it’s also a highly effective tool for culture-shaping. We’ve facilitated many team conversations where team members shared their areas of growth and practiced giving constructive feedback to one another. Again, in an era of virtual work where informal connection and trust building are limited, it is even more important to establish new norms of communication – more fluid, honest, compassionate, and direct. 

Please contact usJean-Pierre or Carole, for more details! We haven’t updated our website yet (a “to do” for 2022!), but we’ll be thrilled to connect and discuss via phone or zoom! 

If, together, we can learn to harness all the recent energy of change in service of our true purposes, good things can happen next year. It’s not a given. So, roll up your sleeves, and Bienvenu 2022!

Happy New Year!

Carole and Jean-Pierre


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