February 5, 2013 Carole Levy

Hot Button in the Middle of my Face


Sometimes, when a hot button is triggered, it’s in the middle of my face but I don’t see it.

Screen 1

When somebody tries to make me notice, it’s upsetting.

Screen 2

The truth is that If I wasn’t already triggered before, I wouldn’t react to this attempt of support.

When I’m self-deluded about a hot button, I can sometimes become an exaggeration of myself, like my own caricature… a clown.

Screen 3

If I’m able to laugh at myself, I say  “Bravo!” It’s true Personal Mastery!!!

Screen 4

Most of the time, I’m not able.

But if I feel persistently shut down or ready to punch somebody, I know that I need a reflective time.

Screen 5

Evolved people know how to recognize their inner clown, deal with their own button and let it go.

I’m not there yet. But what I know, is that after being committed*, the most indispensable step to overcome my hot buttons is to become self-aware.


the 7 hot buttons

Comments (7)

  1. Barbarsa-Grace

    Bravo Carole, on so many levels, in so many arena.
    Love, Barbara-Grace

  2. Cynthia H.

    Oh Carol! That is the most hilarious, insightful, and wonderful piece I’ve seen yet! Fantastic, dawling! You are so amazing, and with this gift of yours, you help so many. Thank you!!

  3. susan efros

    Love how you are bringing all the important concepts alive in such a vibrant and hilarious manner. The hot button and the clown nose connection is brilliant. keep it coming.

  4. Jennifer Devlin

    FABULOUS! C’est geniale! I feel like I have that red button on my face, on my ears, in the splotches on my neck – you are right when you can push it a make yourself laugh, it reminds us that this life just can’t be taken so seriously all the time!
    BRAVO! Love

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