June 29, 2012 Carole Levy

I love my colleague, especially Noah…


Dear Friends,

Back to my series “I love my colleagues”. Hopefully an inspirational series that supports to see the talent and the beauty in your colleagues too… Let me know your thoughts!

Here is Noah. Happy Birthday, Noah!





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  1. Carotte,
    You’ve captured so much in this short story. Thank u. And thanks, Noah.

  2. Noah’s intuition shines through most often when he is holding the space for someone who is sharing their life experience. I felt his deep interest in others when I shared some difficult feelings. His presence urged me on to explore some of my less traveled roads. And I have seen him offer this gift time and again in his humble and generous way. Blessings to your friend Noah. Warmly, Ian

  3. Gauthier

    Heureux anniversaire Noah! C’est surtout le cinéaste à qui je souhaite un franc succès, mérité après ce qu’annoncent les premières oeuvres.
    Pierre-Louis Gauthier de la Drôme!

  4. lara

    Caro, you captured the essence of Noah. Wow! And Ian, your comments ring so true to me.
    Happy happy b-day Noah. Thank you for being who you are!

  5. Bobbi Owens

    Noah is special and unforgettable for me. He coaches and facilitates with kind, quiet, loving, vulnerable authenticity. He uses few words, but they are profound because they come from a desire he has to be completely present for people. I could read Noah because I tend to look beyond the surface, seeking to connect . Even when he didn’t know the answer, he always stayed humble and authentic. He earned my respect and lifetime friendship. I too hope he finds his place in the movie industry and is able to pass on the courage he has to be in a lesrning mode..

  6. Filaree Radich

    Carole, you have outdone yourself with this tribute (and that says a lot)! You have captured Noah’s essence to a “T”.

    Thank you for these, they are such a gift!!

  7. Diane

    You have done a great job capturing the essence of Noah. I love that he’s the Chief Learning Officer for LAL and also doing his thing as a film-maker—this is why I love you and everyone at LAL. It’s all about pursuing your passions.

    Love and miss you, Diane

  8. Mike Rauth

    Thanks Carole. Noah is indeed gifted, like his mother, and an inspiration to us all.

  9. Bobbi Owens

    Great capturing of Noah, Carole. His beingness is profoundly powerful when seminarians share pain. Noah is the LAL person who I would most like to limmulate (for lack of a better word) as I work with others. Words get in the way of “heart reading” oftentimes. Noah is famous for using silence masterfully. I used to think ‘Is he ever going to respond to my comments?’ Somehow I felt honered by his silences. He was thinking about my revelations like he cared. I thought he was leaving space for ‘heart reading’. Although, he could have been taking a nap (smile). As Agents of Change, taking the walk alongside people who trust us with their lives, feelings and goals, require being intensely present. Noah was present and masterfully vulnerable.

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