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  1. Laura

    Another gem
    from your brilliant pen
    that makes us pause to wonder
    A coach, a wife, a mother and friend
    where does she find time to create without getting buried under?

  2. Nathalie

    I am blown away. You painted her so truthfully. This is Filaree to a T. She may look like a fragile and beautiful flower but the girl has got quite a backbone!!!

  3. Noah

    I love it too (aside from her forehead that is a little extra-terrestrial). XOXO

  4. Lara

    Caro, you are soooo creative!! I loved the image and the text. So Filaree and funny. xoxo Lara

  5. Ian

    Proof once again that wonderful things come in small packages. Thanks for the wonderful break from my boring emails (not yours though JP). You (and Noah’s comment) made me laugh out loud. Warmly, Ian

  6. Filaree

    Carole, I feel deeply honored by your drawing and text. Indeed, you’ve captured me! I appreciate you giving this gift (for my birthday nonetheless).

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