June 2, 2013 Carole Levy

I love my colleagues, especially Jonathan…


Dear Friends,

I was in blog-break due to the preparation of my new website and the completion of my book “The Bumpy Road to Collaboration”, but I couldn’t let down my colleague Jonathan and not do his portrait. So here it is!

I hope that you all are doing well, transforming your challenges into opportunities, standing in your strengths, clearing the old stuff… just like I do.

Stay tuned, I’m taking my time but novelty is coming!




jonathan edited



Comments (7)

  1. Jonathan

    I love this Carole – pretty freakin’ accurate!

  2. Jean-Pierre

    Jonathan is so well captured here, bravo!
    You are graceful my darling

  3. catherine klifa

    J’adore Carole tu m’epates m’eclates me motives m’inspires, je fais quoi alors? je peux venir travailler avec vous dis ? 😉 Excellentissime je ne le connais pas mais j’adore comment il est decrit. Charmant incisif and plein de nuances, bravo Carole, j’attends le livre sur Amazon ASAP !! bises

  4. That is so our beloved Jonathan. It’s true, we don’t share our appreciation for you enough. You rock Jon!

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