July 21, 2012 Carole Levy

I love my colleagues, especially Shayne…

Dear Friends,

What a month of July so far! I had my mother and nephew at home for ten warm and loving days; I got a song from my husband and felt seen and loved; and I received feed back for my book without totally collapsing. Plus, we -me and my team- just completed our famous Personal Mastery workshop, the most transformative leadership training experience in the world! Shayne is one of the main facilitator. Happy birthday, Shayne!

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  1. A heart warming read for this glorious Sunday morning. I so appreciate your blogs. They are a constant reminder of the joy in making others good. With much warmth, Ian

  2. Shayne

    Merci, Caro! Just as long as no one asks me to sing, we can preserve the myth that I improved!


  3. Marc-Andre

    I almost thought your portrait of him was better than mine, but then I remembered: it’s not a Competition … All is good then …

  4. lukas

    All I know is that I am looking forward to reading both of these books!

  5. Shayne,

    Hmmmmmm, guess who I’m going to ask to sing at the next BBQ!

    Don’t worry, Shayne, every since you whooped me at Limbo stick (?), I’ve been humbled. (not really!!! hahahha)

    Happy Bday, my friend.
    Carole, beautiful sketch.

  6. What a tremendous display of appreciation Carole. Thank for this example of gratitude and humility.

  7. This was a great display of appreciation Carole. Thank you for the example of gratitude and humility.

  8. Filaree Radich

    Captured Shayne’s essence to a T, of course! Careful, Carole if you keep it up we will begin to expect excellence every time! 😉

  9. lara

    I love my colleague Carole, who captured my husband so well, in all his shades…

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