October 7, 2013 Carole Levy

Making others good!

Dear Friends,

Another silent-blog-season for me, but with again a good reason! All my leftover of time, energy, creativity (not dedicated to my day-job), has been invested in the completion of “The Bumpy Road to Collaboration”, the process of self-publishing, and the creation of a new website. It’s been an on going learning adventure. In other words, it’s been challenging, but the overall journey is thrilling and fulfilling. Yes, a new website is coming. My “Little Carotte” will still have a home, but in the archives of my new blog! To create change, I needed to create room and let go. I’m not sure about the future blog yet, but I assure you it will be heartfelt, creative and connected to the Art of Authentic Collaboration, my new tagline.  The book is almost ready to be launched, but as I’m learning about the hazards of managing a project, I’ll let you know when it will REALLY be ready, hopefully in a few weeks. However, I am very excited to share with you the front cover, as a preview:


Screen Shot bumpy road cover


I also want to share the Learning as Leadership booklet: “Making Others Good”. It’s been written by my colleague and friend Shayne Hughes, and illustrated by myself. It speaks about two key concepts from LAL: making bad, making good. In other words, how we can spiral downward with certain relationships, unable to stop our judgements, preconceive ideas or accusations, and how it’s possible to radically change these negative spirals into productive relationships.  You can download the booklet for free, here: The download page 

Here is a drawing that wasn’t included in the booklet (but I like it), that illustrates “us versus them” dynamics, a facet of making bad.

us vs them

Voilà!  I hope you will follow me in my new “home”. I can’t wait to share it with you, as well as the book. Stay tuned!









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