February 16, 2014 Carole Levy

More Focus!

focused-meeting3Thoughts from Carole about Focus

1- Yes, the world really needs more focus! Check in the last book of Daniel Goleman called “Focus”.

2- I also just came back from the inaugural MAKERS Conference that brought together leaders and innovators from corporations, not-for-profits, and government organizations committed to women’s issues. Among a lot of wonderful speakers, Catherine Steiner-Adair.¬†I¬†attended her eye-opening session on the damage of technology (computer, smart phones, devices…) on children and family. Check in her book: “The big disconnect”.

3- Learning as Leadership is offering its annual workshop on Time Management. A great place to reflect on the “seductive distractions of the here and now” (PS: I borrowed this sentence from a marketing email announcing “Focus”). Thankfully, it’s never too late to re-focus on our essentials.

4- Finally, don’t forget to share this sequence on your favorite social media, but only once you’ve organized your day, managed your priorities and evaluated whether or not you are distracting yourself!

Have a great focused week!




Comments (3)

  1. Marc-Andre

    it was not was I was suppose to be focusing on at the moment, but you so right

  2. Filaree Radich

    Your comics are always a most welcome seductive (and very wholesome and thought provoking) distraction…although if I read them during my allotted distraction time, maybe they’re not a distraction? I think I need a Time seminar! : )

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