June 22, 2014 Carole Levy



There are turning point moments in life when we lose what used to be our safety structure and we enter into undefined territory. We built a life to avoid this moment and still, the unknown is happening. It’s dissonant and scary, stimulating and exciting.  It’s usually a time to test if the universe has our back, it’s a time to trust. I created this short sequence to remember that: when it’s time to trust, it looks risky and uncomfortable, yet it’s stimulating. When it’s time to trust, it’s terrifying, but that’s exactly why it’s time to trust.

























































Comments (11)

  1. Susan Isa Efros

    Elegant. Breathtaking. Inspiring. Memorable. By the way I liked it.

  2. Marge

    Could not have been better stated! Not always easy, but—- we must !

  3. Mike

    That was fun to read and inspiring to remember. Thank you.

  4. Filaree Radich

    As always, you continue to inspire and lead the way for me…


  5. Laura Seligman

    Love it! Poignant, funny, creative and hits the mark precisely. Your artwork has so much personality.

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