January 16, 2017 Carole Levy

The Power Of Practice

Now that we have all reset our intentions for 2017 (right?), we can step back and reflect on our practices. Without the power of practice, there is no lasting intention and ultimately no change.

Here are a few questions to guide your thinking:

  • Do you have realistic practices that support your intentions?
  • Do you have practices that help you calm down your nervous system? In the world we live in, re-centering practices are indispensable!
  • How often do you practice? How regularly?
  • Do you feel inspired by your practices? What part is pleasurable? Can you anchor your practices as beneficial experiences?

In our hurry to “get results” or to rush to our next task, we usually don’t let the benefits of our experiences sink into us and shape – synapse by synapse as Rick Hanson would say – our inner strengths (like resilience, consistency, insight, kindness or mindfulness).

Ultimately, the power of practice is to develop our capacity to truly enjoy the path.

Have a great week full of tiny pleasurable practices!






Comments (10)

  1. I really identify with the “action” of everyday practices that can shape my 2017. Identification writing for my new business (always calms me and keeps my brain engaged in my industry), EXERCISE is one that has been in my routine for years, and humility in everyday dealings with people, spouse, existing and potential clients is one I plan on practicing. Thank you.

    • Thanks Roland – I would be really curious to hear more about your practice of humility in your daily life – you seem connected to it!

  2. Jean-Pierre Guilhaume

    I love the concept of; not only practicing, but anchoring the practice as a beneficial experience.
    This is a path toward sustainable change.
    I am glad your two characters are back, your owls are “chouettes” (French play on words: “Chouette” means “Owl” and, in some french expressions, it means “nice” or “great” too).
    Thanks for your blog, always inspiring!

  3. Rick Manella

    Good reminder! I too like the owls. Good reminder to re-remind myself of why i do some of the simple things I do to start each day, Meditation, prayer, exercise. Find that when I don’t, gradually they become less purposeful and full of me, worry, and anxious striving, rather than good habit to imbue the rest of the day. Remembering to peacefully enjoy the act rather than fixating on the result seems to help. Then gradually that helps approach to everything, with time.

  4. Ian Curtin

    I was just working with a group that was in conflict and throughout the session, it was so evident that without the commitment to an on-going practice, nothing would shift for this group. I like your idea that you know you are on the path of change if you are engaged with your practice. “Ultimately, the power of practice is to develop our capacity to truly enjoy the path.”

  5. Candice Kollar

    Love the Chouettes. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy our practices. xox

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