April 29, 2014 Carole Levy

The Race to Achieve an A+


Thoughts from Carole

One of the main themes of The Bumpy Road to Collaboration is exploring moments in which we lose our ability to connect/work with others, and become competitive/territorial. We switch from a world of possibility and abundance, to a world of scarcity and limitation.

Competition and territoriality are everywhere. They are defensive strategies of the Ego. If we can become aware of their presence, what triggers them, and the cost, I believe that we can strive towards successful collaboration and greater happiness.

Easier said than done! However, I’m inspired to see that The Bumpy Road to Collaboration – in its vulnerability, simplicity and humor – supports meaningful conversations about these delicate subjects. My friend and colleague Laura Gates from Learning as Leadership just facilitated a successful conflict resolution session with a challenged team. I give her full credit – she’s seasoned, bold and talented – and I’m thrilled that she used the book as a springboard to support her session, requiring all the team members to read it beforehand.

Try using the book yourself as a springboard to kick off constructive conversations, and if you have success stories about your colleagues, team or family members,  share them with us!



PS: As a reminder, you can download the workbook for free on my website.

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  1. Tamara Trussell

    The book works! It gives everyone a common language and picture of where they are and where they could arrive…IF…..if only more would gain this kind of personal insight we’d be so much more content. Thank you Carole!

  2. Thank you! As someone recovering from toxic competitiveness, I find it refreshing to see something light written about it. There is a tendency in this culture to celebrate “winning” and I see and have experienced the value of that, but I have also felt the disconnection and pain of needing to be “right” or “better” or “more” blah, blah, blah in order to feel worthy of attention and love. Your work in the Bumpy Road and these cartoons helps to illuminate the ways competition gets in the way of living fully and shows how addictive competing can be for us all.

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