January 23, 2018 Carole Levy

The Shortest New Year’s Commitment in History!

 It’s the beginning of 2018. You might have made commitments that you have already failed.

I have. But please, let me explain:

Worse for me than failing a commitment, is not daring to make a commitment because of my fear of failing! Of course, it’s embarrassing to fail a commitment, especially if I have declared it with enthusiasm to my whole blog database. But there is a difference between letting myself off the hook around commitments I have made, and giving myself permission to fail because I have the courage to take a stand. Don’t you agree? Committing doesn’t mean being perfect and rigid; committing doesn’t mean not learning. Actually, we can only learn the value of our commitments by failing at them repetitively, like I failed my meditation cushion!

Okay, I admit, that was (literally) the boldest rationalization of commitment-break-down in history!

If our commitments are important to us and we fail them, it means only one thing: re-commit.


Reflective questions: What are the behaviors or mental models that you are yearning to change? Have you declared a commitment to yourself and others? Have you not? Why?





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