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  1. I love it – reminds me of all the times I sewed with my mom – on our Singer – making capes! (we really knew each other before, right?)

    • Carole Levy

      I’m fascinated by how much this object evokes memories and good emotions!

  2. Carole,

    I love it. I am the Queen of Wordplay and the energy of words and it lifted me up to see and read your blog this morning. My husband and my daughter have a sewing project they are working on together as well…warms my heart. And my sister has asked for a sewing machine for Christmas to re-connect to some creative art. Thanks for sharing to day and have the loveliest of holidays!

    • Carole Levy

      I’m really glad you mentioned that your husband and your daughter have a project together! I’m from a generation where it was more a “feminine” activity and I -off course- don’t exclude the masculine!

  3. Carole,

    I really love your message AND it totally surprised me…I was imagining that you were going to talk about getting on stage and singing…or something to that effect! I bought a Singer last year used at a garage sale., and this year my dear friend, Shahin taught me how to use it. I was so excited when my first efforts resulted in a simple white night gown – you would have thought I’d built a house with own hands. Super satisifying. … I can only imagine what its like to sew Capes. xo

    • Carole Levy

      I co-bought a machine with Celine but didn’t really use it the first year. It’s only with this cape project that I rediscovered the creative power of a sewing machine!

  4. Celine

    I know it is so rewarding and fun to do our little projects together with Gabriella, she chooses the fabric and colors and she pushes the pedal and I do the rest….And it is magic.
    I miss our Singer but not regret we have no time now before a while…

    • Carole Levy

      I wanted to specify that the machine is co-owned but it will be for another post… Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jacqueline

    C’est beau de chanter ensemble la vie. Aucune oeuvre n’a de valeur si nous ne mettons pas la main à la pâte. Merci de nous le traduire si joliment et d’agrandir notre abileté de Maman.
    Tous mes voeux pour une belle année de présence, de confiance et de complicité.

  6. Jacqueline

    Bravo Carole de nous rappeler si joliment que la complicité joyeuse passe par réaliser ensemble avec ses doigts…
    Très joyeuses fêtes

    • Carole Levy

      Merci Jaqueline! Très belles fêtes pour toi aussi! Beaucoup d’amour à toute la famille!

  7. Ken Koval

    I love it! I bought a used sewing machine on craigslist about a year ago and have enjoyed the “binding effect” it has. I learned to sew from my 75 year old mother. My projects have all been about ultra-light backpacking, and it’s amazing how many other men are “closet seamsters” (my own phrase). I made my own tent and gators, and are on my way to a poncho and backpack. As I reach out to learn more, I am connecting with other backpackers. The Singer Effect is not just for mothers and daughters!

    • Carole Levy

      Hi Ken! I’m discovering that a sewing machine is an object of sharing and integration for female and male! See how I’m limited by my own biases!! You have to explain the “closet seamsters” to me! Thanks for sharing your experience and happy holiday!

  8. Robin P.

    There’s a 3-foot-long paisley alligator lounging on a bookcase in my reading loft–it’s a stuffed animal that I made with my mother’s Singer when I was about 12 years old. I love the scene and emotions that you’ve evoked. How wonderful for you and your daughters–and what lucky friends she has to be receiving those capes!

    • Carole Levy

      Dear Robin, that’s what I discovered with sewing machines: they seem to evoke evoke good emotions and memories from the past…
      Happy Happy holiday and a wonderful new year 2013!Hope we can catch up next year!

  9. Anne

    Sympa les mains la tradition et les autres oui ça me ramene a des bons souvenirs bises anne

    • Carole Levy

      Salut Anneton! Joyeux Noël à toute la famille!!! Bises et à bientôt!

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