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  1. Robin

    Even though I don’t have a husband to yell at, I’ve managed a similar dynamic with coworkers, lovers and friends…Anger in the name of peace, never a fun dance. Bravo, Carotte!!

  2. Laura

    This is beyond hysterical. Have you been hiding in my bedroom at night and taping my life? Scary! I was laughing out loud, tears pouring down my face at 6am this morning. Thanks Carole, once again, for bringing some joy and laughter into my life when I most needed it. And thanks for reminding me to lighten up a bit!
    xo Laura

  3. Nathalie

    Wow, you have been in my house as well. I have not quite decided if I want to laugh or cry on that one. Not that my hubby is anything like you describe, more because I am the shrew you were so accurately describing. Oh well, it takes a little bit of everything in this planet. So, I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE A SHREW WHENEVER I WANT IT:)

  4. shayne

    You made my sides hurt. How are you so funny and so deep at the same time?

  5. Robin

    How can a single cartoon speak on so many different levels? Carole, this is magical! It always brightens my day to see Little Carotte in my in-box!

  6. allison

    carole–magnifique! this is an actual conversation i’ve had with chris this past weekend. Hee hee! I love that you are back to the Little Carotte!

  7. Kim

    OMG. We are all one. And we are all a cliche. A shrill and shrew-like cliche.

    My Man of the House is slaying dragons on a beach in Brazil. I was the Ogre in Heels buying a lawnmower at Home Depot this morning.

    HA! You are great.

  8. Joe Eee

    Hey there,

    Carole, this is your best yet! You have captured the true meaning of the Dali Lama’s comment. But who is the dude in bed with you?

  9. Beautiful work! So much said, so much conveyed with love and humor and divine understanding. You are to be congratulated! Meanwhile, we have so much to learn, so much to learn, about our own feminine divine nature.

    Thank you for your wonderful insights!

  10. Laura

    I just re-read this and laughed all over again – like it was the first time! I miss your blogs and I hope you start doing more soon!

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