August 28, 2017 Carole Levy

Valuing diversity and inclusion

When do people with a strong social-justice barometer lose their connection to valuing diversity and inclusion?

In these times where people are capable of demonstrating their generosity, care and solidarity toward others in need, they are also many people capable of demonstrating their hatred of diversity and inclusion.

Do I hate the haters? Or do I look deeper into myself to discover my own inconsistencies and narrow-mindedness?

I’d like to share three thoughts about how I lose sight of valuing diversity and inclusion:

  1. When I fail to recognize my white privileges*. When I ignore the presence of underlying, often unconscious, structural habits that deprive minorities of access to socio-economic opportunities. It is uncomfortable, annoying and painful as a white person to be reminded that these biases exist.
  2. When, I feel superior to anyone that is different than me (in style, personality or life choice – and this includes the people who practice hatred). Thus, I’m perpetuating the same hateful energies as those I reject.
  3. When my imperfections become intolerable to me. Since it’s hard to get rid of myself, I return to point number 2 and reject others instead. Or I make myself small and shrink my presence in the world. Thus, I fail to recognize what’s happening around me… And here I return to point number 1.

By training, I have learned to dive into the self in order to explore the above issues and practice breaking habitual patterns that judge and exclude others.

My training in this area started 26 years ago in Paris. To this day, I’m eager to help foster a safe environment where there is room for everyone to heal, learn and thrive. It starts with my own inconsistencies.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!


*If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a very clear video of Brené Brown’s discussion of the current academic perspective on the Charlottesville tragedy:







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