January 9, 2019 Carole Levy

Weaving intentions in 2019

Happy New Year 2019! 

 This year I sincerely wish that all of you find happiness, inner strengths and peace of mind amidst our volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and hyper-connected times!

Over the last 29 years, finding happiness, for me, has meant being on the path of self-discovery and gaining freedom -millimeter by millimeter- overcoming my limitations, while developing my skills… but without being too identified with them! What a job!

This process is also called working on the ego. That’s what I study and teach with The Trust Factory and my husband Jean-Pierre Guilhaume, as well as with the staff at Learning as Leadership and others who are dedicated to this fundamental work. 

Work that serves three essential and inter-connected goals: 

  • Overcoming one’s limitations and fulfilling one’s potential
  • Learning to love, live and work with other people
  • Being at service and giving back 

This year, it feels like 2019 is about weaving intentions:

  • Exploring new ways to think and partner, share resources/information, distribute leadership, promote others and be smarter and stronger together. 
  • New ways to co-own and co-create while maintaining our unique approaches. Going up, going down or going in opposite directions like the threads of a tapestry, separated but intertwined. New ways to shape a colorful fabric. 

It might sound like just one more New Year’s declaration, but the beauty of this one, is that my intentions are woven with yours. And even if we are completely inconsistent and fallible, we will still create a remarkable and colorful web of imperfect human intentions.

So, have a good year!


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  1. Robin

    Hi Carole, what a beautiful, practical and much-needed sentiment for the New Year! May 2019 bring you fulfillment and a beautiful tapestry of consciously woven intentions.

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